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Petit Pli – Growing Clothes

(wearing technology)

By: Muhammad Umar

London based company named Petit Pli , founded in 2017 by Ryan Mario Yasin after his experience of gifting clothes to a new born nephew and learning that, dress is already small for him.

This idea pushed Ryan to think out of box to invent something which grows with age or is flexible enough as different kids have different growing abilities and rates.

He ended up with the idea of growing clothes. Inspired by aerospace technology he further researched and finally launched the brand, which supplies his products worldwide. According to his business website:

Children’s wear today fails to recognise the dynamic & rapidly changing bodies of Earth’s Little Humans.

His design fits kids and expands as per the kid’s growth rate, so that clothes are not tight or loose on the kid. Such growing clothes can cost from 30 GB pounds to 130 GB pounds.

More interestingly, Petit Pli designs are adjustable, stain and tear-resistant, ultra-light weight, reinforced, rainproof and breathable as per kid’s needs.

Ryan’s invention has won the UK’s annual James Dyson prize for innovation. His growing clothes are available for new-borns, toddlers and little man on his webpage and fits children aged between six months and three years. Company recently also introduced mask for adults with same material with a claim of no foggy glasses and no tight grip around ears. It is believed that this innovation is a practical, innovative and futuristic step in wearable technology.


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