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Paper phone – Digital well being

Paper Phone

A solution to Nomophobia & digital well-being experiment

By: Muhammad Umar

Paper-Phone is not a smart phone but a real paper phone, Google has already introduced it the same week Google launched its latest phone pixel4, which has built-in radar technology that can be controlled by a user’s hand motions.

Paper phone is an experimental open-source Android app which is available to try and to play with and to adopt and evolve. This app allows you to select the things you feel will be important to you during the day like; contacts, calendars, maps, tickets, task lists and the weather.

The app retrieves this information and lays it out across one or both sides of an A4 sheet. Once you print and fold it, you are ready to spend your day without real-phone and it is a real step towards digital well-being and a solution to Nomophobia. Nomophobia means a feeling of being without a phone and all-important data within.

This paper phone alone cannot make calls and is quarter size of a A4 paper and can hold a credit-card but is great peace of mind and one can stay more focused during a meeting, family time etc.

Company says it is aimed at giving users a “digital detox.” It can be helpful to create awareness about side effects of digital technology and controlling screen time. It will also be helpful against mental health issues and sight related complexities caused due to screens and lights. World health organisation already released guidelines according to age for screen time.

World celebrates Unplugging day on 5th to 6th march from sundown to sundown and this paper phone can be a good way to be part of this day.

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