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Petit Pli – Growing Clothes

(wearing technology) By: Muhammad Umar London based company named Petit Pli , founded in 2017 by Ryan Mario Yasin after his experience of gifting clothes to a new born nephew and learning that, dress is already small for him. This idea pushed Ryan to think out of box to invent …

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Paper phone – Digital well being

Paper Phone A solution to Nomophobia & digital well-being experiment By: Muhammad Umar Paper-Phone is not a smart phone but a real paper phone, Google has already introduced it the same week Google launched its latest phone pixel4, which has built-in radar technology that can be controlled by a user’s …

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Climate Change- Polar bears are struggling

Article by Skynews: A study looks at the impact of the animals becoming more isolated and says the loss of genetic diversity is “alarming”. Migrating to find mates is becoming harder as ice melts Migrating to find mates is becoming harder as ice melts Arctic sea ice loss is causing …

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Whatsapp Stickers

Be unique, innovative and expressive By: Muhammad Umar WhatsApp has added the Stickers feature since 2019 allowing its users to send different stickers while chatting just like other instant messaging apps. In the latest update version 2.18, users can now see a new option in the emoji section of the …

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