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Haleem Adil censure Sindh government for closing 10,000 schools.

Karachi: Report by (Zeeshan Hussain) Central Vice President Pakistaan Tehreek Insaf and Leader of the Opposition in Sind Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, Friday censured Sindh government for closing down 10 thousand schools in the province and opposing single curriculum.
Haleem Adil Sheikh while talking to media persons here at Sindh Assembly building taken exception of PPP government’s decision of closing nonfunctional schools on pretext of non availability of teachers, staff, buildings and necessary facilities like water and sanitation.

The decision was taken at a time when over 6.9 million children were out of schools in Sindh despite of the fact that Sindh government has earmarked Rs. 1450 billion in 13 years of its rule, he said adding that 12444 schools were closed while over 12000 had no teacher.

Haleem Adil Said that instead of focusing on ensuring quality education in government schools PPP government was plundering the resources. A school desk which normally costs Rs 6000 each was being procured in Rs 29000 and accumulatively Rs 6 to 7 billion would be embezzled in the contract, he alleged.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that federal government has launched a single curriculum for entire country so that dual system could be rooted out from educational system of the country and every child irrespective of his or her social and financial status would have access to quality educational facilities but Sindh government opposed the initiative on grounds of Sindhi language.

Around 50 percent of the subjects were in English while provinces had option to design some subjects in their local languages and there were no restriction on teaching Sindhi as a subject, he informed and accused CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah and his cabinet of being anti-education and enemies of future generations as they want to keep the current dual system continue.

“Who approved the schools which were being closed now?” Haleem Adil raised a question adding that in the past years billions of rupees were spent on schools and hiring of teachers and staff. Sindh government was not taking concrete measures for development and welfare of masses and was playing Sindh card to allude the people of Sindh, he alleged.

They have realized that it was their last tenure and they were not leaving any option to earn illegal money, Haleem Adil Sheikh further alleged adding that every minster, adviser and special assistant was involved in corruption and no field of life was free of corruption in Sindh.
They have ruined cultural heritage and archeological sites of Sindh and Moen jo Daro, Umerkot fort, Pacca Qila of Hyderabad, Gorakh Hill Station and many other sites were in dilapidated condition, he observed.

Leader of the Opposition also alleged Sindh government of curbing the voice of opposition in the assembly as opposition members were not given ample time on the floor.

Over 3.9 acres of government land was under illegal occupation in Sindh and recently deputy commissioner of Karachi West district has written a letter to point out that 300 acres of land was squatted through a counterfeit layout plan and forged documents, Haleem Adil said.

Haleem Adil Sheikh stressed on merit based recruitment in government departments and alleged that PPP was providing jobs only to the party workers and on bribes.

He further accused Murad Ali Shah of following his own agenda that was different from PPP and its chairman Bilawal Zardari. Murad Shah was planning to hijack the PPP and wanted to emerge as a Sindhi nationalist leader, he asserted.

President PTI Karachi Division and member Sindh Assembly Khurram Sher Zaman, speaking at the occasion, said that following the Mehran Town Factory fire incident no step was taken to save lives of thousands of laborers who were working factories constructed without fulfilling required criteria and health and safety provisions.

Khurram Sher Zaman pointed out that KDA, SBCA, Labour department, SEPA and environment department were responsible for overseeing the concerned issues but they had failed in it as prior to Mehran town various horrific incident had taken place in which dozens of poor workers lost their lives.

He said that Sindh government has ordered to closed 200 to 250 factories that would not only affect thousands of daily wage workers but it would hamper production and delivery of orders resulting into losses of billions of rupees to industrial sector as well as national exchequer.

Khurram Sher Zaman condemned the provincial government’ decision and demanded that those factories be allowed to operate and preventive measures and health and safety protocols must be ensured.

Instead of sealing the factories government must ensure compliance of relevant laws and do away with deficiencies so that industrial units continue working and livelihood of thousands of people do not suffer, he maintained.

The issue would also be raised on floor of the assembly, the PTI MPA said and asked the chief secretary Sindh to take notice of the issue and take corrective measures at the earliest.

PTI Karachi will support the industrial community of the city that plays pivotal role in strengthening of the national economy and provision of employment opportunities to thousands of workers.

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