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12 Died 3 missing 2 injured after thunder hit at 3 homes in Torghar district.

TORGHARl: (By Gul Hamaad Farooqi) Torghari As well as Twelve people were killed in a lightning strike in Torgar district 12 bodies were found while search is continue for one missing person. in Tor Ghar district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Lightning struck the hill, causing severe flooding in the area and mudslides on three houses at  outskirt  of the hill, killing 12 people and 2 injured in this incidence.

Locals voluntaries were busy searching for the bodies after the incident

Three houses were flooded due to heavy rains in Jhatka and Kundan villages of Torgarh district. The three houses were completely damaged Locals have appealed to the district administration to expedite rescue operations and search for the missing persons.

According to District Police Officer Syed Mukhtar Shah total of 14 people were living in these houses which were hit by tremendous flood as a result 11 people were died on the spot the bodies of 11 people have been exhumed from the rubble while the search continues for one missing person. While a severely injured woman and a girl  were shifted to Rural Health center. The injured were rushed to a nearby rural  hospital for treatment where their condition is telling critically. . The head of the family of the deceased, Junab Khan, and his son are staying in Karachi for working. Local journalist Rabb Nawaz, who was talking to eyewitnesses in the affected area, said the rescue operation was still ongoing. According to Deputy Commissioner Fawad Khan and his PA, machinery and equipment are coming from other districts for rescue which is on its way.

According to the police report, a landslide on  3 houses during midnight of Saturday and Sunday in which 12 people died who  confirmed the death of 12 out of 14 people in the houses. One person is still missing local people and police searching him and two others have been seriously injured.

According to the police report, the houses of the two brothers, which were close to each other, were swept away by a landslide in Torghar. Young Gul Nawaz is still buried under the rubble  while recently three children including Raz Mina, Romina, Ayesha and Umairah Bibi were recovered.

Another house with three rooms in which a woman and a four-year-old child were buried under the rubble, while two members of the house were critically injured and were rushed to hospital by police and locals.people.

  Residents of the area are voluntarily evacuating people from the rubble for which rescue operations have been intensified. Locals and police are taking part in the rescue operations while no one has been reached by the administration so far.

  Funeral prayers were offered for those killed in the lightning strike. Hundreds of people attended the funeral prayers. Ten people from one family were died in this incidence..


 Affected families and people of the area are appealing to Deputy Commissioner Torghar to expedite the rescue operations and help them to rescue their loved ones from the rubble.

 Local journalist Rabb Nawaz briefed our correspondent on phone from Tor Ghar and said that a total of 14 people were hit in the incidence t in which 12 people were  died  while two others were injured one person is till missing.  He said that  after continuous rains last night and this area is also located in a very remote mountain range where the locals with their help had exhumed the bodies from the rubble. Ten members of the same family were killed in the incident, one of whom is missing, while nine bodies have been recovered and their funeral prayers have been offered. The body of a child was found in another house but the woman is still missing and is being searched. He told locals that cattle were also killed, including four goats, two cows, a calf and seven animals. According to him, three women were married in the house upstairs, a man was married and they had two children.

Locals have demanded the federal and provincial governments for compensation and financial  assistance to those  who killed and injured in the accident and to send modern machinery to this backward district so that the injured can  be searched out  in such accidents  timely who can be saved.. According to the latest reports, the rescue operation is still continue.

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