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Lecture on trade between Mauritius and Pakistan

Islamabad : Preston University (PU) and the Society of Global Civilisations (SGC) jointly organised a talk on ‘Trade and Tourism between Mauritius and Pakistan’. The referenced event was held at Preston University, says a press release. The High Commissioner of Mauritius to Pakistan, Rashidally Soobadar was the chief guest and distinguished guest speaker on the occasion. The event was attended by the guests of SGC and senior faculty, management and students of Preston University. Nordeen Mohammed Shaheid, High Commissioner of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to Pakistan was also conspicuous by his presence at the event. In his talk on ‘Trade and Tourism between Mauritius and Pakistan’, the distinguished guest speaker Rashidally Soobadar, High Commissioner of Mauritius to Pakistan highlighting the current status of trade between Mauritius and Pakistan said that the current volume of trade between Pakistan and Mauritius did not match their true potential. He emphasized that there is a need for increasing economic and trade relations to further promote bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries. He said Pakistan and Mauritius should enter into a free trade agreement so that bilateral trade between the two countries could be further bolstered for the mutual benefit of the two countries. Briefly unfolding the history of Mauritius, Rashidally Soobadar said Mauritius is an island State that has 1.2 mil population. He noted that since independence in 1968, the country has grown gradually as seen from its GDP that has grown from $200 to over $11,000. The country aspires to achieve the GDP of $20,000/ by 2030. He also highlighted a number of socio-cultural and historical aspects of Mauritius that proudly boasts of 100% literacy rate and offers free education till college level. He said Mauritius is a multicultural and multi-ethnic society where people believe in peaceful cohabitation. To support this fact, he said that the biggest mosque in Mauritius is situated in the Chinese neighborhood. In the context of tourism, he informed that the country has a booming tourism industry. Last year alone, 1.5 Million tourists visited Mauritius He said that there was tremendous potential for promotion of tourism between Mauritius and Pakistan. He said this vital area could be exploited to its true potential for the mutual economic benefit of the two countries. Rashidally Soobadar further said that it would be a pleasure for the Mauritian Government to help Pakistan in boosting its tourism industry. Highlighting the country’s focus for development the High Commissioner mentioned Information Technology, FinTech Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. He disclosed that the Mauritian Government is at present focused on Blue Economy and has established exclusive Economic Zones to facilitate foreign investors. Later, as a token of gratitude, a shield of the University was presented to the distinguished guest speaker Rashidally Soobadar, High Commissioner of Mauritius to Pakistan by DR. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University.

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